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How Your Money Makes a Difference

Childhood cancer claims the lives of more children than all other childhood diseases combined! In the U.K, 11 children and young people, under the age of 25, are diagnosed with cancer every day. 

The Isabel Baker Foundation helps families at crisis point. We work closely with Young Lives Vs Cancer to make sure your money goes where its needed most.

Supermarket Vouchers

£75.00 pays for a supermarket voucher for a family experiencing financial difficulty whilst their child receives treatment for cancer.

Many parents find themselves unable to work whilst their child is receiving treatment for cancer.

The treatment is gruelling, and the child can spend a lot of time in hospital. The parents are not fed on the ward.

To apply for a voucher, please ask your Young Lives vs Cancer Social Worker to email us at

Vouchers from The Isabel Baker Foundation have been a lifeline. My toddler is due to have major surgery and the food vouchers I was kindly given have been a massive worry off my mind


Thank you so much for your kind gift of the M&S voucher given to us by CLIC Sargent. We have been in hospital now just over 5 months so this help is really appreciated.

Dry Suits

We fund made to measure dry suits for children receiving treatment for cancer. This is so they can safely enjoy the water, be this a splash in the bath, playing with their siblings in a paddling pool or getting out into the sea.

Read more about dry suits and why they are so important here


"It was a heart warming moment to see our boy back in his element. We couldn't get him out the water because he was having so much fun with his brother and friend"

isla 2.jpeg

Complimentary Therapies

Chemotherapy & radiotherapy are gruelling with harsh side effects. We believe families should have the option to explore avenues that will help reduce these side effects and have a positive impact on their child’s health.


To apply for a grant, please ask your Young Lives vs Cancer Social Worker to email us at


Grants are offered on a case by case basis

Bereavement Grants

We so appreciate your help at this difficult time.... We have some comfort  knowing that the service and his burial was what he wanted

If the worst should happen, The Isabel Baker Foundation supports bereaved families with a grant at crisis point.


Many families are unable to work or need to work reduced hours while their child is receiving treatment, combined with the increased living costs of having a poorly child, this can cause financial hardship.



To apply for a grant, please ask your Young Lives vs Cancer Social Worker to email us at



Thank you so much for your generous donation. It was a sad day but a wonderful celebration of his short but full life. The donation helped enormously

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